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No matter how Pulitzer-worthy your content may be, It wouldn’t have much value if none of your target demographic gets to read it. In the vastness of the social sphere, a few hotspots stand out that grant marketers a larger platform to show their content. Among these is Twitter, a microblogging social networking site with over 500 million users all over the world. Digital marketing has been focused on Twitter for quite some time now, as evidenced by the 2012 Social Media Examiner study saying that 84% of Business-to-Business (B2B) marketing is done on this website.

Once the creative process of generating high quality content is over, the task now is to promote it in the digital space. Reaching as much audience as possible, new media marketing involves using the easiest and quickest avenues. Twitter is exactly that. Below are some great practices when attempting to drive traffic via Twitter.

Idleness is Death

One great rule in content writing is this: the passive voice is boring. The same goes with Twitter marketing. Staleness of content results from inactive Twitter management. A Twitter profile is kept alive through constant activity. Tweet your content multiple times and do not settle for lukewarm responses. Research the trending hashtags and find which are appropriate for your content. Follow the people in the industry to make sure they hear about your latest content. Overall, the idea is to keep your Twitter feed going all the time as much as possible.

Create Personality

Social media thrives on communication and engagement. As more and more users find out about your content, Twitter managers should realize that a follow-up should be done. This comes in the form of retweets, shares, replies, and direct communication. What all these means is to remain visible as long as the content is up in the air.

An engaging Twitter personality should be employed, and this is done through adding a bit of flair while posting. Wise Marketing points out those successful brands on Twitter have personalities on the social platform. “It might not be one person running the account, but there’s an overall voice to it that people can get to know over time and become comfortably familiar with,” they said.

Name Drop

When promoting your content through Twitter, it’s wise to mention a couple of familiar brands or names related to it. For example, mentioning @Samsung while linking to your content increases your chances of getting retweeted, thus exponentially increasing the Twitter users who will see your link. The same goes with hashtags. Clever name-dropping the trending keywords of the day in relation to your content could lead to a larger readership. It’s all about creatively integrating the right words with your content, a skill every Twitter marketer should acquire and hone.

Answer through your content

Say for example your content is an in-depth review of Ford’s new car. Searching for tweets using these terms – @Ford, Ford vs Toyota, new Ford car, and other related words will yield posts where you can naturally insert and promote your content. This way, you are building a proactive image and some might even engage in a conversation. You will get candid comments regarding your content or feedback on the industry. Ideas for your next content (or the direction your business will take) depend largely on customer feedback.

While some would profess their devotion to the internet adage of ‘great content markets itself’, we digress. Online promotion is all about creating a habitat for top notch, easily accessible content. Twitter remains as the number one highway for audiences to travel to your neighborhood. Pave the roads using these best practices, and build new streets by networking to industry-related people. A touch of creativity, a good sense of what’s hot and what’s not, and a way with words – all of these combined will ensure that quality content is spread through the social world.

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  1. Haroon says:

    Nice Article. No doubt, by mentioning a brand, or authority name , people show more interest and retweet the content.
    Haroon recently posted..6 On-page SEO Tactics to Get Better in SERPsMy Profile

  2. Sunday says:

    Every social media platform has its strong points. Twitter is not exempted. It is left for the social marketer to understand and apply tips that promote contents in Twitter effectively.

    Adding personal touch and creating short messages packed with details should be learned.

    In just about 140 characters a Twitter message is supposed to make the right impact on the targeted audience if crafted creatively. Well, I guess this post has revealed some very vital points!
    In the content syndication and social bookmarking website, the above comment has been shared where this post was shared for Internet marketers.

    Sunday- contributor
    Sunday recently posted..Why You Should Immediately Stop Your Facebook Page Like CampaignsMy Profile

  3. Twitter represents how marketing and business should be delivered these days – short, fast, and straight. That is why I often find twitter a good way to introduce my business to people because responses and feedback that you gain are real time. And with the tips that you have mentioned, I believe my strategy will further work as I venture B2B marketing. Thanks for this very helpful reminder Allie!

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