4 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Marketing

successful-facebook-marketingIf there’s one effective but affordable way to create awareness for your business, it’s by using Facebook. The social networking site is used by many small businesses and even big companies to connect with their customers, as well as establish a reputation for their brand. Posting announcements about your upcoming sale or sharing photos of your products on your Facebook page can get people talking about your business but there is more you can do to encourage people to patronize your business and buy the products that you offer. Here are some ways how you can make the most of your Facebook fan page:

1.       Don’t Just Post Photos; Share Images that Sell

What’s better than people saying you have breathtaking product pictures posted on your Facebook Timeline? It’s people buying the actual products. Facebook marketers know the power of posting images on Facebook but many underestimate the difference well selected photos can make. Besides choosing clear and high resolution photos of your products for Facebook, it’s also best to choose photos that make your customers want to purchase the real thing. You can get a model to wear the shirts and dresses that you sell, for example, so people get an idea how clothing might look on them. This is better than when you just share photos of the apparel in its original packaging.

2.       Don’t Just Post Product Information; Give Your Customers Reasons to Buy

You can use Facebook to post photos of your products to serve as catalog for your customers. It is important that you accompany photos with product descriptions so people know the specifications of the products that you sell. Instead of just posting the technical details, such as colors and sizes, you may want to add more details that can encourage your buyers to purchase your goods. You may specify special promotions available for a particular product.  You can also point out the special features of your merchandise that can make buyers want to have them. If you’re selling bags, for instance, you can add information such as “water resistant and perfect for hiking and mountain climbing” to the size and color specifications. The short add-on can make a difference; it can encourage your customers to buy the product, particularly those who intend to use it for trekking activities.

3.       Don’t Just Build Your Fan Base; Interact with Your Fans

One of the main reasons why businesses should have a Facebook account is to get them to connect and interact with their customers online. Don’t forget this objective when your Timeline starts to get flooded with comments, suggestions and complaints from customers. Try to read people’s comments so you know your customers’ concerns.  Make sure that you also accommodate fans who ask you questions or ask for assistance through the Facebook commenting system.  You can either reply to your fans’ comments or encourage them to send you a fax online so you know the full details of their concern.

4.       Don’t Just Post Updates; Give Your Fans Reasons to Read Your Posts

You can use Facebook to post important updates and product announcements. Many business owners even use the social networking site to inform people of sales and promotions. Unfortunately, you can bore and lose some of your fans if you keep using Facebook as a press release medium. Give your fans more reasons not to unsubscribe from your feeds by posting interesting and relevant posts on your page. For example, if your business sells natural health products, you can post tips about healthy lifestyles and diets since your fans are likely to be interested in reading posts in that category.

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  1. There is no doubt that Facebook is indeed very effective tool in online marketing. But it is not just merely using one, but rather use the correct strategies to effectively promote one’s self.

  2. Fatima says:

    Thanks for sharing the very basic but frequently forgotten tips that are tried and tested by people who are now successful facebook marketers.
    Fatima recently posted..Gotye, A Recruiter I Used to KnowMy Profile

  3. Aayna says:

    Facebook marketing is all about connecting with the audience base and then patronizing. I agree that if we just simply share pictures as a part of the Facebook marketing, then it will lead to no where, as none of the audience is having a free time to glance through the pictures without being provided with a suitable reason to glance through. Pictures that sell, is indeed the right thing for Facebook marketing. Thanks for the share.
    Aayna recently posted..How To Use Fill Function in Microsoft Excel 2013My Profile

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