Using Pinterest For ECommerce

Pinterest is one of the up and coming social media websites that businesses are starting to leverage as a part of their online marketing strategy. This particular social media website allows users to share their favorite images from around the Internet with their followers. Creating a Pinterest account for your ecommerce website is a great way to showcase all of the products you carry as well as interact with your target customer.
Create Several Boards
The first step you will want to take when looking to use Pinterest to help promote your ecommerce website is to create several different boards to showcase different aspects of your store. For instance, if you carry men’s, women’s and seasonal items, you should create a board specifically for each category. This will help you segment your social media audience and ensure they are viewing only the items that they are truly interested in seeing when they visit your Pinterest board.
Pin High Quality Images
When pinning images to your Pinterest board, it is important that you only pin high quality images. With nothing but high quality images on your board, there is a better chance that one of your board’s visitors will re-pin that image to their board, providing you with an additional backlink and more potential Pinterest followers.
Since Pinterest is such a visually stimulating website, you need to have the best looking images in order to stand out from the crowd on that website. Without high quality images of your products on both your Pinterest board and ecommerce website, you will struggle to see the type of results you had hoped for when using Pinterst as a part of your social media marketing campaign.
Interact with your Followers
Interacting with your followers on Pinterst is an absolute must if you truly want to have success using this website as a marketing tool. Commenting on other people’s boards and responding to any messages left on yours will show others that you are active on the website and interested in connecting with your audience. When you are able to engage your target audience by interacting with them via their social media accounts, they will be more responsive to any other marketing messages you send to them in the future.
Make it Easy to Pin your Products
Ensuring that your website has the Pinterest “pin it” button on all of your products’ images is a terrific way to leverage the power of Pinterest. By placing the “pin it” button on all of your products, you will make it extremely easy for your visitors to share your product images with their Pinterest followers. This will allow you to gain valuable backlinks as well as more Pinterest followers as anyone coming to your website who enjoys the products you are selling will be able to post it to their personal Pinterest board with a simple click of a mouse.
The more people that share your products with their Pinterest followers the better your chances become of successfully being able to use Pinterest to drive targeted traffic to your ecommerce website.
Social media websites such as Pinterest are becoming an increasingly effective way to drive traffic to a website, especially ecommerce websites. Creating a Pinterest account for your online business will allow you to share high quality images of your products with your target audience as well as interact with these consumers to help raise awareness about your brand.

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  1. Sarah Park says:

    I’ve just started with Pinterest and it is indeed very helpful in my business. Now I regret why it took me some time to realize this.

  2. Aayna says:

    Pinterest is a great innovative tool. It has so much to offer, that the individual gets completely perplexed with what all the Pinterest can offer. I am an avid user of Pinterest and know very well the significance of it. Thanks for the share.
    Aayna recently posted..Using the Windows 8 Control Panel and PC SettingsMy Profile

  3. Fatima says:

    I have not yet explored Pinterest but I’m saving your post to help me in the future when I do. Thanks for the detailed information.

  4. Veronica says:

    This article is actually an eye opener. Pinterest is a very helpful tool for e-commerce, if you know how to use it well. Pinning high-quality images of your proucts is one thing, but interacting with your readers is a vital part of every online marketing strategy.

  5. Alan Murfee says:

    Pinterest is mainly concerned with visual content. With consistent posting of high quality and exceptional content, success is inevitable. Pinterest is much like a window shopping and the best thing is brands aren’t built with decades of expensive ad campaigns, but with pins and boards in pinterest.

  6. Joy says:

    Pinterest is an upcoming social media platform. Excellent for various industries. The way things are going every one is bound to have an account sooner or later.

  7. Emilia says:

    Pinterest is definitely making a name for themselves in the market today. I just love the concept and the ideas you get from 10 minutes of logging on there. It’s definitely something.

  8. Calra says:

    I just love how Pinterest functions. I can’t get off it. It’s like a chocolate addiction. You just can’t stop re-pinning.

  9. I have tried to use Pinterest as social media but I unable to get the point how it is work. If there is tutorial that will help to teach how pinterest use and how it is work. It is good for me to learn it ASAP.
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