Top 5 Essential Tools for Social Media Marketing Campaigns

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In this article we will be dealing with the Top 5 Essential Tools for Social Media Marketing Campaigns and why they should always be included in an Internet Marketing strategy.

Whether we like it or not, social media has an overbearing presence in our lives. No matter where you go, social media always keeps you connected to the great spidery web of virtual communication spread across our universe. It has gone to the extent where it appears like a real event cannot take place without being trailed by its shadow of a virtual component through social media. On top of everything else, business potential in social media sites seems well-nigh inexhaustible which is why a new popular site is seen to spring up every other week.

This actually poses a challenge for Internet Marketers since it is crucial to leverage on the number of multiplying social networking sites as use them as a platform to reach an even wider set of audience. However, the tools required for the analysis, tracking and monitoring of these services are also various and multifaceted. Therefore, the question on the top of every marketing professional’s list is which tool they must use in order to gain the best leverage on the most popular social networking sites.

To help you separate the wheat from the chaff, in this article, we provide you with our list of Top 5 Essential Tools for Social Media Marketing Campaigns that can help you make them more effective and powerful. This list is a compilation of resources.

These social media management tools have been researched and reviewed by us over a considerable period of time. These have been selected on various criteria including helping PPC campaigners out with source network connections, campaign and social content management and most importantly, monitoring and measurement of results. The last can really help you handcraft your PPC campaigns and include the tools that suit your particular needs best while cutting down on the others. Most PPC campaigners tend to already know of a variety of tools that can help them both manage and monitor single social networking sites with a mass reach (like Facebook or Twitter). That is why in this list, we have mostly tried to focus on services that can help you manage multiple social networking platforms, put in content as well as come up with accurate measurements of your campaign’s effectiveness.


Are you one of those people to think of social media and e-mail as completely distinct platforms to reach your audience? Well, nothing can be further from the truth with this fairly popular e-mail marketing platform coming up with the social sharing functionality in its interface.

That’s right! Now you can share marketing emails on various popular social platforms through the use of a single, elegant interface without having to deal with the trouble of managing both an email marketing service along with the use of a social media management tool separately.


ArgyleSocial is by itself an innovative social media platform that aspires to link the business graphs with the teeming number of social media users. For starters, this tool allows you to monitor and control Facebook and Twitter through a single interface that makes for easier delegation of tasks as a marketer. To add a little cherry on top of the dish, ArgyleSocial also offers a conclusive report on your Return on Investment (ROI) of your marketing campaign through social media.

All in all, this is a nifty little utility that can help marketer’s across the board attain better results through social media campaigns and constantly monitor those results. In case you choose to be an affiliate, you could even make use of this platform’s white label brand and resell it to a majority of your client base. ArgyleSocial even allows you to bill all of your accounts as one.


We know what you are thinking. Not another Twitter tool! But trust us when we say that this tool is a little different from the legions of other Twitter tools available in the market. Imagine that you have a personal blog and you want to check how far your tweets travel. TweetReach can search your blog and generate results that are tiered by the crucial factors of how many people you are actually reaching through your messages and the number of tweets it was necessary to send to reach them. These can in turn be factored down by retweets, replies and normal tweets.

This tool can be effective as both a personal analysis tool as well as a useful utility in order to validate your social media campaign efforts with the management or business associates.

StrongMail Social Studio

This one is an all-inclusive but compact social media marketing platform intended just for the professional Internet marketer. When you say all-inclusive, we do really mean it. This tool features an all-encompassing package of being a referral marketing platform, a very useful utility for social sharing as well as including a campaign management utility. All this is bound up in a very user-intuitive process that you can get the hang of in a few minutes of dedicated usage. The entire application is intended to make marketers both identify and engage unique brand influencers in their social media campaigns. The in-depth performance monitoring results can help a marketer gain a comprehensive overview of the actual impact of their various social media campaigns on conversion rates and overall business.

HootSuite for iPad

This iPad application features a column in the sidebar that serves as a constant monitor of all streams being tracked at that instant. If you are targeting the iPad market, this tool can come in really handy.

HootSuite allows you to schedule messages according to a schedule, browse through in-depth statistics, mention exact geo-location coordinates to individual messages, check in with a Foursquare account and even shorten URLs. Heavy iPad users should make use of this little utility to manage all social media content, connections and engagement.

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  1. Felix Lee says:

    I’m actually not familiar with most of these social media tools and this has been very informative. I should check these out, I think I would really like using these tools. Great reviews!
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  2. Vianney says:

    Yes, I’m definitely one of them who would take advantage of social media sites just like a real campaigner. :) Awesome! Thanks for sharing this with us! :)

  3. Arianne says:

    Social media plays a major role in the success of marketing a business. With these tools, businessmen will be able to boost marketing strategies, and highly increase the chances fo getting popular and successful. There are other good tools though, and there will be more to come because we now live in the age of high technological advancement.

  4. Richa says:

    Social media has become inevitable for all businesses today. These tools are pretty helpful. Thanks for this informative share :)

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