Using Facebook to Reach Potential Customers

Facebook to target customers

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Facebook is one of the best ways to reach new and existing customers by appealing to what your customers want. Everyone wants to buy something, but nobody likes to be sold. You can leverage this propensity with Facebook. Social media gives you the opportunity to give your company a face and voice outside of other traditional marketing practices. Use the tips below to quickly increase your online following.

Be Informative
People trust businesses that are helpful and informative. If all of your posts are about how good your products are, then very few people are going to follow you. You should only make posts that are informative. For example, if you sell organic clothing, then make most of your posts about why organic clothing is better. You can also make posts about the advancements in organic clothing as a whole.

There are two reasons why most people will join your Facebook page. The first reason is because you supply your followers with useful information.

Offer Exclusive Discounts
The second major reason why people will join your Facebook is because you offer exclusive discounts. People like saving money, and they are willing to join your marketing feed if you promise to give them discounts that no one else will get. You don’t need to offer much to get their attention. Just offer 10 to 20 percent discounts every week or month so that people will willingly join your Facebook page.

Befriend Organizations
Almost every business has an organization representing that niche. For example, people who buy products without animal testing usually like WWF and PETA. If you befriend these organizations, then you will also befriend the people that like them. It shows that you really care about your market’s interests, and it also shows that you are willing to go beyond the normal call of duty for a business.

Business News
Most people like supporting and listening to businesses that interact with their customers. They want to know what is going on with the staff, new items and developments in the company. Part of putting a face on your company is actually giving people information they are interested in. Many people want to know what is going on in your niche, but there are also many others that want to know what is going on in your company.

People often buy from a company because they like the personality of it. You can give your company more personality by talking about common news happening at the office. You should show pictures of your employees, tell them about how product testing and development is going and add other details that people will find interesting.

Respond to Questions and Comments
Your followers are going to leave questions and comments on your page. Some comments will be positive, but there will also be negative ones. You need to respond to both for the best effect. Responding to positive comments shows that you are listening to your customers, and that you appreciate their input. It’s easy to response to these. Just thank your customers for the input, and tell them that you will strive to always please them.

Responding to negative comments is a bit harder. Some businesses ignore or block these comments, but that can be devastating. This shows that you don’t care about your customers, and it tends to make these people louder and more aggressive. You need to tell them that you will fix the problem, or you need to defend your product without becoming aggressive.

Physical Signage
Your existing customers are perhaps the easiest to target. All you need to do is print out a small sign and place it near the registers if you have a physical business. If you don’t, then just place a Facebook button on your website. This will bring in a flood of existing customers to your Facebook page.


There are many ways to reach customers with your Facebook page. You just need to be informative, give a voice and face to your company and give people what they want. If you follow all of these tips, then you should have no problem getting more people to buy from you, and you should be able to reach new customers within days to weeks.

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  1. Kari

    I like the respond to comments tip. Even if I leave a negative comment on someone’s page, I have a lot of respect for them if they replay back, and it usually keeps me around. Also, when I ask questions, I want answers. I’m not just asking for the sake of asking! That is the whole point to social media and, you are right, it is something everyone should take seriously.
    Kari recently posted..Writer’s Block Due To a Chaotic MindMy Profile

  2. Jennifer Cunningham

    Facebook gives me a challenge. Going to implement a few of the ideas mentioned in this post.
    Jennifer Cunningham recently posted..Can You Trust this Blog?My Profile

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