Will Google+ Beat Out other Social Media Sites?

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Is Google+ Working? Does anyone really use it? Is Facebook still on top?

When it comes to social media accounts and social media sites, there are always new services and accounts popping up all over the place. These different services are going to allow you to access content from around the world, talk to friends, tag images and do just about anything that you can think of or in some cases, can’t think of. Interestingly enough, did anyone really think nine years ago that we’d all be connected through this thing called “social media” or a site/service like that of Facebook or Pinterest? One of the current social media accounts is Google+, although many individuals may wonder if anyone actually uses it. This is rather difficult to figure, due to the inflated numbers Google has created. However, it isn’t going anywhere soon, which is why it is rather interesting to see if it is really working or if Facebook is still on top.

The numbers for Google+ are rather inflated simply because anyone who as a Google account already has the Google+ plus account. This means if someone has a Gmail account or a YouTube account they already have a Google+ account. Due to this many people probably have two or three different Google+ accounts but don’t know about it. However, when it comes to the number of people actually using the account this is a completely different question. Far fewer individuals use Google+ as Facebook. Facebook is still one of the most used Internet sites on the planet, and it has several different features that Google+ just doesn’t have. Some say that Facebook is faster based on different internet service providers. Who wants a slow social media connection? Everyone wants the very fastest information at a moments notice. Check out companies like internetserviceprovider.net to find the best wireless internet connection.   Google+ has been trying its very best in order to bring in additional users and viewers with different features, but when Facebook already has a head start it is next to impossible for Google+ to catch up. After all, it essentially is giving the same services that Facebook is, just with a different look. In order for it to catch up it would have to completely revamp the way it runs and the services it provides, otherwise it just isn’t going to do anything and Google+ will quickly fall apart.

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  1. It’s strange, isn’t it? I have MORE people following me on G+ than on Facebook. I think their Circles concept is brilliant, and it’s easy to use. But I just can’t seem to find meaningful connection with anyone there – it’s not as comfy, somehow. That’s the best way to describe it, as I think it has now come down to “atmosphere.” The G+ redesign helped, but somehow didn’t entirely fix the problem. I know people who absolutely HATED the Facebook “timeline” design, but were so firmly entrenched there with family and friends that they would just grumble about it lots and get over it.
    Holly Jahangiri recently posted..Yeah, I’m a Twit, Too!My Profile

    • Qasim

      Hey Holly,

      Thank you so much for your comment and for sharing your experience, the reason why your friends on Facebook are less than Google+ is that Facebook tends to be more personal and people would like to add only friends that they know, I have also started a new Google+ profile long time after joining Facebook and now my Google+ followers are much more than Facebook, in any way I am still seeing Google+ as much confusing and don’t see the logic behind it, they have to make it much simpler. The only reason I joined Google+ is the expected effect it’s going to have on Google search Engine.
      Qasim recently posted..Using Twitter To Market Your BusinessMy Profile

  2. ksmm101

    Interesting… I can honestly say that I don’t get Google+, I have an account I just don’t like the fact I can’t make my name private and use my username. I think I need to read up on it more though since I hear people say it could really benefit you search engine vise. I guess I will have to find some time to research this further.
    ksmm101 recently posted..A Community that Exchanges Shares via Social NetworksMy Profile

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