Using Twitter To Market Your Business

using twitter for business

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Many companies now use social networking sites to establish a presence online – sites like Facebook and Twitter are both free and very easy to use, making them a vital component of any smart business’s marketing strategy.

But while sites like Twitter are accessible and simple to get the hang of, many companies do mismanage their accounts, either through neglect or through employing the wrong kind of strategy. To help your business get the most out of your Twitter account, here are a few tips to point you in the right direction…

Update regularly

The nature of a micro-blogging site like Twitter lends itself to speed and immediacy – and if you only update your feed every few days, then your presence in an environment like Twitter is going to dwindle. Your tweets could be the most articulate, well thought-out statements around, but amidst the frantic rate at which other users tweet, if you don’t post often then your feed will get lost in the noise. Keep on top of the game, and update your page as much as possible – presence on Twitter is all about frequency.

Get talking

Now you’ve set up an account, here’s your chance to engage with your customer base and get an idea of what they’re really thinking. Remember that many businesses spend good money on research and focus groups, but Twitter provides you with a quick, free alternative to this, so get the most out of it. Ask open questions about your products or services, and include a hashtag. Then you’ll be able to see what your followers really think. If responses are a little slow, why not offer to enter people who answer your questions into a small prize giveaway?

Be professional

In any PR situation, it’s always important to maintain a sense of professionalism, and Twitter is no different. Think before you tweet, and post responsibly. At the same time, ensure you use a tone which isn’t too rigid and robotic – you want your followers to see you as being approachable, and the way you tweet should reflect this.

New Twitter Header Image

Twitter have launched an update to their profile page designs that allow a user to upload a large image on their profile page. Use this to your advantage and promote your business/services. Regularly update the image with seasonal offers and news. Thousands of users will see this.

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  1. Enstine Muki

    Hi Adam,
    These are great tips and I hope it goes a long way to educate those that are ignorant. Companies can really do a lot on Twitter. All they need is guidelines.
    Enstine Muki recently posted..Do you deliver killer content in a broken container?My Profile

  2. I agree with most of this, and in fact, I need to do something about this new header business…

    But I do have to disagree with ONE point – or maybe just the way you stated it: “update your page as much as possible”? Regularly, yes. Frequently? Maybe. “As much as possible”? Oh, h*** no. :) I have unfollowed numerous folks – even halfway interesting folks – for FLOODING my stream with their tweets non-stop. Or in large bursts. Even if it’s only once a day, no one likes someone who monopolizes the conversation with 40 rapid-fire links, or one status update every 20 seconds. A lot is “possible,” and I think that while you may be thinking “I didn’t mean THAT!” some fool’s gonna think you did.
    HollyJahangiri recently posted..Yeah, I’m a Twit, Too!My Profile

    • Qasim

      Oh Holly, are you setting in my mind? This is exactly what I was going to say. When I was reading your comment I was thinking I meant by update a lot, sending the same message twice or three times a day just to make sure that people from different countries get the chance to see it, that’s it. And then I continue reading my thoughts in your comment, amazing! these fool’s have to read your comment.
      Qasim recently posted..Three LinkedIn Company Pages Changes to Boost Your BrandMy Profile

  3. peterraimi says:

    Yes, really the twitter is one of the best social networking site, which is very needful to increase our leads and business revenue. And also i heard twitter is updating the profiles which is look to big and nice. Am thankful to share this informative post.

  4. Larry James

    Thank you for the reminder that I still don’t have a Header image on my Twitter page. I have it on my list of things to do, but it keeps getting pushed back. I will get to it…soon!
    Larry James recently posted..9 Crimes A Web Designer Can Commit On Call to Action PagesMy Profile

  5. neelium

    I’m just not sure what to put on my header image. It’ll probably just end up being some nice nature scene, since my twitter isn’t just for my blog, it’s more of an author page if anything (I run two blogs).
    neelium recently posted..How to Stop a Killer AsteroidMy Profile

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