Three LinkedIn Company Pages Changes to Boost Your Brand

Every brand should be using social media as an integral part of their online marketing strategy, in order to be more competitive in the online and offline realm. LinkedIn is one platform that is growing in popularity, largely due to its focus on professionals and businesses. Many consider LinkedIn pages to be a comprehensive online business card that enables users to make professional connections for various business purposes such as branding, marketing and networking. The social network has recently updated the user interface of their LinkedIn company pages, which provides businesses with new opportunities for branding.

Overall, the new design of LinkedIn understands the need for online engagement and immediacy and has a clean, easy to navigate interface, which will encourage users to use the LinkedIn site more frequently and for longer periods of time. The LinkedIn company page is an extension of this new design, and boats simplified core features and streamlined services. This article outlines three ways that companies can take advantage of the new LinkedIn company pages for branding purposes.

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Custom Headers

The LinkedIn company pages now sport clean and sleek designs, and intuitive and simple navigation. Brand awareness can be extended on the LinkedIn company page by adding a corporate logo and a custom header. The space given is 646 x 220 pixels, which is enough space to effectively promote a business. Furthermore, the LinkedIn company pages now have a prominent follow button, which makes it far easier for users to join your professional online community and enables you to simply and easily make new connections.

Create More Content and Share More Information

The new updates section of the LinkedIn company pages is now longer, allowing more content to be seen. Thus, users no longer have to scroll down and click ‘see all’ to view older activities. Instead of LinkedIn company page updates being limited to a few recent posts, older posts can be viewed with ease. Furthermore, it is now far easier to post comments on all posts, whether new or old, using the comment window. In the past, users had to follow a link to comment, but now all comments are prominently displayed under each post, increasing engagement.

Promote Services

One of the largest changes in the design of the LinkedIn company pages is the moving of the products and services tab from the navigation bar to the right sidebar. This change in design makes the products and services tab more prominent, allowing you to feature products and services more prominently to the LinkedIn community. To increase the visibility of your brand, take advantage of these changes to the LinkedIn company pages.

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